they couldn't find what was wrong in your mind.
"Inspiration and creativity, that’s what makes life magical, and sometimes disappearing into a world of your own creation is the closest thing we have to reality. Militia of The Lost is about overcoming your failings, finding your courage and saying no, I’m not a number, I’m free and can prove it." Laurence Beveridge.


Shane, staring pensively into the distance…

Orion Watching Over The Susten Alps : (©) 

With my boo @jeffreestar.

"The Velvet Warms and Binds"-William Control

I’ve given up on you - Real Friends

Via | Tabooz

Molly Ringwald was supposed to dance alone but she was too embarrassed so John Hughes made everybody dance.

And thank God he did, or we wouldn’t have one of the most iconic sequences of the 80’s and cinema as a whole.
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